OnGoal Soccer Camp

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With Passion

Develop your love for the game, for others, and for God.

Players who play with passion are encouraged to give their all on and off the field: during training sessions, drills, TeamTalks, games, and competitions.

With Skill

Develop your ability to attack your opponents on the dribble, with a pass, or with a shot.

Campers will be challenged to improve their skills with moves such as the Maradona spin, scissors, and Cruyff. Passing, goalkeeping, shooting, headers, and volleys will also be included in skill training.


Develop your skill as a team player whether on the attack or defending the goal.

Players will discover the importance of playing as a team while learning skills like the Barcelona Pass. Playing as a team is crucial to success in soccer and in life.

With Honor

Continue developing your respect and understanding for the game, players, coaches, and refs.

Campers will be encouraged to compete in a way that demonstrates love for the game and respect for others. It is essential for players to understand the importance of bringing honor to ourselves, others, and God.

With Purpose

Develop a greater understanding for the ‘purpose’ of soccer.

Players will be challenged to think about their reasons for playing the game. Whether their goal is to have fun, win trophies, or bring honor to God, each camper will be given the opportunity to explore the true purpose of their play.

In a Positive Professional Environment

Develop as a player in a fun, encouraging, and safe environment. Learn from skilled and experienced coaches.

On Goal recruits a team of Christian coaches like no other. These coaches are talented college players who not only love soccer, but love God with all their heart. What stands out is their love and compassion for all the campers.